Decorative Artisan of the Month

Mindy Everaert
Bohemian Street
Kouts, Indiana

Decorative Artisan of the Month - Mindy Everaert

Mindy grew up immersed in art and creativity. She was raised by her grandmother and they traveled the country in a travel trailer. Her grandmother’s hobby was staining and re-upholstering furniture. “She could make anything special,” Mindy remembered of her grandmother’s talent. It wasn’t long before she was painting and decorating her childhood bedroom, further engraining her love for painting.

Little did she know that her passion would one day also be her job. Mindy had hired a flooring company to install flooring and when the salesperson came to do the measurements, she was stunned by the walls in her house and asked her who had painted them. When she heard that Mindy had done the painting herself she hired her on the spot to paint her house. This was her first paying client, and from there her business grew completely by word of mouth.

Early on in her business Mindy mostly did straight painting jobs, but as requests for faux finishes started coming in, she found the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes. She recalls “for my first faux finishing job I went to visit Sue and Kathy, and they helped me to figure everything out.” Soon after being divorced Mindy decided to go to full time with her painting and faux finishing business and has never looked back saying, “I can’t think of anything else that I would even consider wanting to do.”

Currently Mindy works with the interior designer for Olthof Builders to decorate their model homes. The designer gives her a demographic that they are looking to reach and Mindy does the research into the style of faux she needs to complete the look. She says of faux finishing that “every type of decor has a coordinating faux finish.” She also believes that there is “something to do with faux that everyone can wrap their head around and really love. Even the minimalist can find a place for faux, instead of having art on the wall, the wall becomes the art.’

Decorative Artisan of the Month - Mindy Everaert

Mindy loves working with clients that have an idea in mind, but trust her ability enough to go above their expectations. She loves throwing herself into her research and finding the best possible fit for her clients needs. She also gives her clients homework asking them to search out pictures of not only finishes they like, but rooms and objects that they like the feel of. This allows her to tap into what her client is looking for, not only for their finish but the completed look of the room as a whole. When helping her other clients choose finishes for their homes she also tries to match the decor of the interior with the style of the outside of the home to create a cohesive look inside and out. She prides herself on her honesty, professionalism, and ability to create a finish that her clients will love for years to come.

As far as finishes go, Mindy uses a lot of glass bead which she says she has a love hate relationship with. It can be difficult to work with, but the beauty of the finish in the end is worth it. She also loves trowel work and working with texture because there are so many options with it. She says “it can be smooth, textured, texture on texture, glazed, you can use metallic paint finishes on it. There are so many options. You can achieve so many different looks with the same product.”

Some of her favorite products to purchase from Faux By Kathy are Smooth Translucent and Metallic Translucent Texture. She also orders a lot of glass bead. She loves to order from Faux By Kathy because there is always someone available to help talk you through a situation, saying “even when I’m on a job I know there will be someone there to help.”

She has taken many private sessions at the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes and says of Kathy and Sue “I couldn’t do it without them. I owe a huge part of my faux finish success to Sue and Kathy.” Mindy currently has a Private Session scheduled to work on a deteriorating plaster finish that has brick exposed underneath. She's said she’s seen many examples, but hasn’t found one yet that had an authentic feel, so she’s heading to see Kathy and Sue to perfect her vision. She says she tries to make it to the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes at least once a year. She likes taking advantage of the Private Session offering because she can customize what she wants to learn and leave the studio feeling that she has mastered all of the ins and outs of the finishes that she set out to learn.

Just as her grandmother nurtured her creativity when she was younger, so has Mindy done with her two sons ages 19 and 22. Both have worked with her on jobs over the years and have learned to apply faux finishes, and her youngest is a talented muralist as well. While she knows it may not be what they ultimately want to do as a profession, she is happy that they will always have this talent and work experience to fall back on if they need it in the future. She looks forward to being able to travel the country in a trailer much like she and her grandmother did when she was younger, and faux finish her way across the country. She's already gaining ground in the midwest having completed jobs in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Given her passion, there is no limit to how far she will go.

For more information on Mindy Everaert and Bohemian Street, she can be reached by phone at 219-508-2195, via email at, or you can also visit her Facebook Page for Bohemian Street.

Mindy Everaert and Bohemian Street

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