Decorative Artisan of the Month

Heidi Fox
Heidi Fox Studio
Sterling Heights, MI

Decorative Artisan of the Month - Heidi Fox

Heidi had been interested in arts and crafts since she was very young. As a child her family even nicknamed her “Doodles”. But, it wasn't until she got a job assisting a painter in his office in the 90’s that her career was revealed to her. While she was working in the painter’s office, a brochure came in advertising a faux finishing school. Heidi was instantly intrigued and began buying books on faux finishing and duplicating the finishes that she saw in the books.

While Heidi honed her skills, she worked on finishes in the homes of family and friends. As she progressed, she decided to share one of her sample finishes with her boss. It was a woodgrain finish that she had applied to a broken piece of drywall. He was very impressed and asked her if she would be able to duplicate it on the front door of the office. Woodgraining that door ended up being her first paying job. That was in 2001 and she hasn’t looked back.

After painting the door, her boss referred her out to several of his customers that were looking for custom finishes for their home. From there, her business spread like wildfire through word of mouth recommendations from former customers. Heidi enjoys working with new customers as well as her repeat customers. Reflecting on the relationships that she has built with her customers through the years, she shares the joy she gets from watching the families evolve along with their homes. In a way, her work grows with the family as she starts out by decorating a nursery, that then evolves into a young child’s room, and then is further refinished to fit a teenager’s tastes.

When asked about her favorite finishes, Heidi says she really enjoys working with foils, stenciling, metallic paint and plasters, gilding, and glass beads. Heidi is very excited about glass beads, saying that she loves all things that sparkle. She likes to use them in both full coverage and accenting applications, such as to accent stencils. Stenciling is one of her specialties, saying that “the end effect is so grand.” Heidi also enjoys the tedious nature and focus that stencils require to get it just right.

Decorative Artisan of the Month - Heidi Fox

She provides finishes for both residential and business customers, and loves the challenge that both bring. She prides herself in her ability to truly connect with her customers and design a finish that fits with their style. She likes big, bold, and grand finishes that really make an impact, including ceilings.

Heidi refers to ceilings as the forgotten wall saying “my body is not happy working on ceilings, but my heart loves it.” To make a ceiling pop Heidi likes to use a subtle wall and then either stencil or use full coverage glass beads. One of her favorite jobs was working on Prime and Proper in Detroit where she applied gold leaf to the ceiling over the existing paint. She loved the meticulous nature of this project, working square by square with great focus to only get the finish where it belonged, not disturbing the existing paint.

When asked about products Heidi says that “products and tools make all the difference,” and Faux By Kathy is her favorite provider of quality products. Asked of some of her favorites, she is quick to mention Kathy’s glass bead saying she has an “amazing selection of custom colors and glitter colors of the beads, and the color doesn’t dissolve when it hits the solution.” She loves Kathy’s metallic paint offerings and uses them on almost every job. She also uses Kathy’s foils and foil size, commenting specifically about a foil size offering that can be shipped in cold climates and out performs any other size on the market. Heidi also finds great value in the quick turnaround time on her orders and the fact that if there will ever be a delay or problem with her order she is contacted immediately by Sue.

Heidi has taken all of Faux By Kathy’s online classes that have been offered and wishes that Kathy would add even more. She loves the flexibility of being able to take the class in her own time without having to take time out of her busy work schedule to do it. She has found that most of the samples in the collections work for her customers, whereas in other classes she has taken there may only be one or two finishes that she would actually utilize. The convenience of the online classes also attracted her. The fact that the materials to complete the finishes are shipped right to her door means that she has more time on the job and less time shopping for supplies.

In addition to the products Faux By Kathy offers, Heidi also finds great value in the help that Sue and Kathy provide. She says of Sue “I call her on the phone to learn about what new products are, and she will talk me through new finishes that I can use them for. She even sends out samples of new products to try.” She also says of Kathy and Sue “They are willing to talk me through stuff. They are the only faux service that will walk me through everything. They give me the ability to stay current with finishes and compete in the industry.”

For more information regarding Heidi Fox Studio, please visit her website, Facebook Heidi Fox Studio, or Instagram heidifoxstudio. Heidi can also be reached by email at or by phone at 586-242-3349.