Decorative Artisan of the Month

Pam Grace
Coloured Paint
Lafayette, Colorado

Decorative Ceiling Faux Finishing by Pam Grace of Coloured Paint in Lafayette, Colorado

The stars aligned when Pamela Grace encountered the world of decorative paint. “I felt I’d been struck by lightning the day I met a woman on a dog walk. She was from San Miguel de Allende and said, ‘I can show you how they colorwash on walls in Mexico.’ That was twenty years ago. I never considered myself an artist until decorative painting hit my world. It was a shock to me, but a thrill and joy that has never gone away.”

Pam’s company, Coloured Paint, is based out of Lafayette, Colorado. She works in the Denver, Boulder area with an extended reach of about an hour in all directions, plus an occasional jaunt to Vail or other mountain resort areas thrown in. The majority of her work is in collaboration with designers in residential and commercial spaces. With a growing business, she challenges herself to keep up with new trends and techniques in the ever-changing world of decorative wall paint and plasters. She has taken workshops in Denver, Santa Fe, St. Louis via IDAL, and in Chicago with Kathy Carroll.

She first met Kathy after viewing a friend’s portfolio. “I knew immediately I was going to Chicago,” said Pam. In a private class, she was able to choose over twenty boards to create. “It was a blast. In a very short period of time, I picked samples off the classroom wall that I wanted to learn. This way I could spend directed time updating specific skills with materials I hadn’t been familiar with such as glass beads and foils over embedded texture.  Many of these were techniques I hadn’t seen. Not only that, it was quite cost-effective. And, I’ve been able to call and get specific assistance on how to work with the new applications. That’s been helpful.”

Pam’s projects currently emphasize glass beads, foils, and creative treatments with multi-layered metallic plasters. “The work I do now continues to expand in so many ways.” Her work is stunning with elegant sophistication. Bold colors and contemporary designs are among some of her favorites. Not afraid to experiment with new designs and concepts, she often exceeds her clients’ expectations, noted with enthusiastic testimonials. “I was able to do one of the textured foils on a restaurant exterior door on Boulder’s famous pedestrian mall. With a southern exposure receiving extreme heat, cold and strong mile-high sunlight, I transferred what I’d learned in Chicago by using exterior-rated products,” Pam explained. “It has held up magnificently.”

Decorative Finisher Pam Grace of Coloured Paint in Lafayette, Colorado

The pictures of her work speak for themselves with their beautiful designs and wow factors. “It’s been fun to have designers and clients excited about things they haven’t seen before. The designers have been blown away.”

From accented walls in fiery and copper tones using Venetian plaster to textured foils, glass beads, glitter and mica, she transfers her customers’ visions into magnificent results. “The other fun aspect is how the projects and the world of decorative wall finishes continue to evolve creatively. I enjoy projects where I get to stretch a bit, where I’m pushed out of my comfort zone.”

With her skills in high demand, Pam’s enthusiasm is contagious. “I can’t imagine doing anything else. After twenty years, I still feel that I’m going to be doing this for a very long time. It’s exciting to have each job bring a new excitement.”

For more information about Pam Grace and Coloured Paint, please call 720.317.3799 or visit

Pam Grace Decorative Faux Finsihing Bathroom

Pam Grace Decorative Faux Finsihing Bathroom

Pam Grace Decorative Faux Finsihing Music Room

Pam Grace Decorative Faux Finsihing Baby Nursery

Faux finishing sample

Decorative Finish Faux Finsihing Silver Bathroom

Decorative Finish Faux Finsihing Title Floor

Pam Grace Decorative Faux Finsihing Exterior Doors