Decorative Artisan of the Month

Gillian “Gigi" Hendrix
Faux by Gigi
Mesa, Arizona

Decorative Artisan of the Month - Mave Alft

As an adopted Arizona native, Gigi traces her roots back to New Jersey where she lived until she moved to Arizona in 2006. She has always loved arts and crafts and has made her own jewelry as well as stained glass projects. That passion for creating has now evolved to incorporate her love of jewelry and glass into custom faux finishes.

Arizona architecture with large open areas including domes, niches, tiered and vaulted ceilings soon became her canvas to showcase her creative talent. Her challenge was to match a unique faux with the design of the rooms and character of the clients to create an inviting and artistic environment that enriches their surroundings. The challenge on each job is to find faux finishes that are different but also complement each other as most floor plans are meant to view several rooms and areas at the same time. Searching for different finishes introduced her to suedes, plasters and tissue papers and from there her inspiration took off

In 2008 she was commissioned to faux a 7,800 square foot house in an exclusive gated community. Her selections and applications were so unique and well-suited to the architecture that the home was featured on the Channel 10 Fox News "Cool House" segment. Gigi describes herself as a perfectionist and puts her heart and soul into each job, so was saddened when her clients sold this featured home. When one door closes another opens and so it was when a few years later these same clients contacted her to do faux in their custom built 27,000 square foot home.

All Faux by Gigi is done by her hand alone, which lends an exclusive quality to her work as well as ensuring consistency. Since she works alone it is not uncommon to be with a client for several months as faux can be very addictive and jobs have a tendency to grow. Due to the demand, she will only work for one client at a time and for this reason she is selective about which jobs she would like to do. She loves to work with clients that favor texture, bling and color and says she has been fortunate to be matched with clients who appreciate her style. She says she gets a feel for what her clients are looking for by asking what colors they like and dislike and then just runs with it. The reward comes when some of these clients allow her to show their home and her work to prospective clients.

Decorative Artisan of the Month - Mave Alft

She is enjoying working with her current client because she picks things on line and challenges Gigi to figure out how to make it work. Gigi joked that this client has a knack for choosing difficult finishes, but says "I'm AS excited if not even MORE excited than the client to see the finished product. Even though I am able to see the end result before I start, it"s truly humbling to see what I have been able to create." She says of the working relationship with her clients "they trust me because they"ve seen my samples and since they find me by word of mouth they"ve usually also seen my work in person." Probably one of her greatest talents is her ability to read what a client is envisioning and then to exceed their expectations.

When asked about her favorite finishes, she says she loves layers and textures with glitter and glass. She also loves working with venetian plasters and waxes. "Texture is my passion, with color being a close second. I love incorporating metallics when the opportunity presents itself." She continues, "a lot of what I do starts with an old world base and from there I like to "˜bring the bling" and create something truly unique. " Gigi says she loves finding new products to play with and says Faux By Kathy is constantly adding to their product line so there is always something new to try. Her faux is not limited to merely walls and ceilings as she has been commissioned many times to faux mirrors, cabinets and furniture to complete the look of a room. Absolutely anything and everything can become her "˜canvas" including chandeliers and glass candelabras. Two of Gigi"s favorite Faux By Kathy products are Hollywood Glass and crushed cork mixed with glitter. She loves these finishes because with proper lighting they are simply dazzling and are sure to please any client.

Besides the great products, Gigi likes to use Faux By Kathy as a resource for knowledge. She says, "Sue is my go-to contact. All she has to do is mention a new glitter and I get all excited!" She values the open communication she has with both Sue and Kathy and having Sue walk her through new finishes she would like to try. She says of Faux By Kathy, "they are more than just a product distributor, these are fellow faux artisans who have field experience and are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to application questions." She recently called Sue with a question that was quickly answered then they spent the rest of the conversation talking about a new finish that has glitter, twigs and glass, "all of my favorites!" exclaims Gigi.

For more information about Gigi Hendrix and Faux by Gigi, she can be reached via email at, or by phone at 480-466-3152

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