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Grace Reed Designs DallasGracie Reed
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Gracie Reed successfully started her company Grace Designs Dallas in 2001.  A majority of Gracie’s work is residential; however, she has worked on beautiful spas, photography studios as well as individual offices.

In addition to decorative painting Gracie offers elegant reverse mirrors, artwork and beautiful furniture.  She is currently expanding her business and opening a studio in Dallas, where her business is based, to showcase her exceptional handcrafted pieces as well as to meet with her clients.

Grace Reed Preferred Decorative Artisan Grace Designs Dallas Gracie Reed Preferred Decorative Artisan Grace Designs Dallas

Gracie’s knowledge encompasses 15 product lines to date as well as their full characteristics to give her clients the most versatility as she provides them with individualized custom designs for their home and business.

Some of the services offered by Grace Designs Dallas are:

  • Decorative Painting
  • Faux Finishing
  • Wall Glazing
  • Authentic Italian Plasters
  • Cabinets & Furniture
  • Cabinets & Backsplash
  • Flooring Overlay
  • Mirror Antiquing
  • Art Pieces
  • Stenciling Applications
  • Color Consultations

As far as first impressions go, we are all subject to them.  As Gracie points out we are all affected by our surroundings.  “Walking into a lawyers firm or a spa, instead of a white background they should invest in a beautiful backdrop behind the wall.  That is a huge selling point.  When the walls are left white they give off a cold feeling.  The backdrop is so important.  It is the first impression when you walk into a room.  When you see something that is texturally alluring it has an effect on someone, it goes to the subconscious.”  Gracie is a strong believer in first impressions and how they affect the subconscious.  That same experience when you meet someone for the first time and make an impression happens when walking into a room for the first time.  For a business, that can be either very good or detrimental.  Remember, the first impression leaves a lasting impression.  Make it count with Grace Designs Dallas. 

To learn more about Gracie Reed and Grace Designs Dallas please call 214.597.1112 or visit www.gracedesignsdallas.com

Grace Designs Dallas
Grace Designs Dallas

Grace Designs Dallas Preferred Decorative Artisan Gracie Reed

Grace Designs Dallas Preferred Decorative Artisan Gracie Reed