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Learn and Do.

Enrollment and participation in a faux finishing class at The Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes, a decorative painting school allows the student to spend time in Kathy Carroll’s Open Studio, where the student can utilize a variety of products from many manufacturers.   Including;  Oikos, Golden, Proceed, Bella Fresco™, Adicolor, Blue Pearl, Perfetto, Sepp Leaf products, Texturline, Briste Group and Modern Masters.

 Any faux finish professional would be delighted to have a day to play in this fully equipped, well lighted studio environment.   The studio is always staffed with people who know how to answer your questions and can help you interpret what it is that your client really wants.

However, the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes also offers open studio time as a “Try Before You Buy” opportunity. Faux finishing students and professionals decorative painters can let their creative side out to play. Professionals find that it’s easy to expand their faux finishing portfolio by visiting the studio.

Each faux finishing sample board costs $17.50 if sample is completed on styrene and $22.50 for those completed on MDF board which is mostly used for our lime and cement products.  Kathy’s studio is also home to more than a few instructors who will demonstrate individual finishes for an hourly rate.

Studio time is often available when faux finishing classes are not in session.  Open studio hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and must be scheduled in advance.   Private sessions are offered to faux finish professionals which include individualized faux finishing instruction from Kathy Carroll, or one of her highly qualified assistants these session are only available on a pre-scheduled basis.

To arrange for a visit to The Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes Open Studio, please contact us either by phone or email.  

800-797-4305 outside IL.
630-653-2400 inside IL.

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