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Decorative Artisan of the Month
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Mindy Everaert Decorative Finisher Mindy Everaert
Mark Tillman Decorative Finisher Mark Tillman
Donna Mock Decorative Finisher Donna Mock
Carmen Vergara Decorative Finisher Carmen Vergara
Lessandra Martins Melo Decorative Finisher Lessandra Martins Melo
Anita Yeh Decorative Finisher Anita Yeh
Sarah Hines and Mets Schilstra Decorative Finishers Sarah Hines and Mets Schilstra
Eulojio Ortega Decorative Finisher Eulojio Ortega
Alison Ubert Decorative Finisher Alison Ubert
Diane Kessler Decorative Finisher Diane Kessler
Donna Flecchia Finisher Donna Flecchia
Decorative Painting Finishing School Joanne Ledbetter
Decorative Painting Finishing School Rachel Sejas
Decorative Painting Finishing School Cheryl Phan
Decorative Painting Finishing School Carrie Chimenti
Decorative Painting Finishing School Ann Simpson
Decorative Painting Finishing School Natalie Gorden
Decorative Painting Finishing School Marlene Mancilla
Decorative Painting Finishing School Diane LaLonde Hasso
Decorative Painting Finishing School Kim Bouy
Decorative Painting Finishing School Kathy Anders
Decorative Painting Finishing School Alyse and Amy Leventhal
Decorative Painting Finishing School Laurie Schrader
Decorative Painting Finishing School Carey Seven
Decorative Painting Finishing School Bryan King
Decorative Painting Finishing School Patricia Presto
Decorative Painting Finishing School Kass Wilson
Decorative Painting Finishing School Heidi Cinker
Decorative Painting Finishing School Shari Fry
Decorative Painting Finishing School Leigh Jones
Decorative Painting Finishing School Diane Beard
Decorative Painting Finishing School Ruth Giovannetti
Decorative Painting Finishing School Collen Drew
Melissa Loutos Melissa Loutos
Nathalie Nielsen Nathalie Nielsen
Susan Giugliano Susan Giugliano
Sarah Beth Cohen Sarah Beth Cohen
Decorative Painting Finishing School Tracy Taylor
Decorative Painting Finishing School Janelle Tague
Decorative Painting Finishing School Kari Campbell
Decorative Painting Finishing School Ed Gonet
Decorative Painting Finishing School Bonnie Norling Wakeman
Decorative Painting Finishing School Kelly Weik
Decorative Painting Finishing School Janelle Tague
Decorative Painting Finishing School Gracie Reed
Decorative Painting Finishing School Allyce Lees
Decorative Painting Finishing School Terry Gavigan
Decorative Painting Finishing School Kate Perret
Decorative Painting Finishing School Jo-Marie Frigo
Decorative Painting Finishing School Deb Spertus
Decorative Painting Finishing School David Ryan
Decorative Painting Finishing School Clint Dunning
Decorative Painting Finishing School Roseann Bode
Decorative Painting Finishing School Wendy Digel
Decorative Painting Finishing School Lisa Butts
Decorative Painting Finishing School Catherine Coy
Decorative Painting Finishing School Pamela Coslet
Decorative Painting Finishing School Emily Quinn
Decorative Painting Finishing School Gary Riley
Decorative Painting Finishing School Bill Fisher
Decorative Painting Finishing School John Micheals
Decorative Painting Finishing School Faux Maison
Decorative Painting Finishing School Herb Shropshire
Decorative Painting Finishing School Gus Kyriakopoulos
Decorative Painting Finishing School Paul Minnihan
Decorative Painting Finishing School Jenna DeFalco
Decorative Painting Finishing School Sherri Grupe
Decorative Painting Finishing School Debbie Brown
Decorative Painting Finishing School Cynthia Davis
Decorative Artisan Dawn Bray
Decorative Faux Finisher Christine McIntyre-Hannon
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Anna and Scott Sadler
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Darryl Grant
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School B. Juliana Leo
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Leslie Nesbitt
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Signature Mural & Finish, Inc.
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Joanne Voll
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Barb Runyard
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Nathan Giffin
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Patty Henning
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Emma Wright
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Joseph Freer
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Dawn Rundle
August 2006 Simona Clinge
August 2006 Ron Bledsoe
August 2006 Sharon Taglienti
August 2006 Martin Riding
August 2006 Tomas Kyrgiakos /
Iowanna Azar
August 2006 Jenna DeFalco
August 2006 Alissa Murnane
August 2006 Rhonda Barber
August 2006 Laura Ross
August 2006 Nancy Schnell
August 2006 John Michaels
August 2006 Debi Vaninger
August 2006 Marsh Danner
August 2006 Beth Haynes
August 2006 Cassy Weddel
August 2006 Bruce Thalman
August 2006 Melanie & Stuart Kershner
August 2006 Lorie Wolff
Doug Diekman
Lori Tselikis
Joanne Voll
Linda Wetsch
Jennifer Rongaus
Natalie White
Dan Gangler
Sharon Damisch
Kay Reyes
Mary Johnson
Ed Hartfiel
Estelle Leptich
Laurie Ebert


Artisan of the Month
Ed Gonet

Ed GonetBeing artistic, Ed Gonet was drawn to the creative field of the arts right out of high school and became a faux finisher. He began his career self-taught, like many artists and artisan do, but after hitting his plateau he decided to broaden his horizons and expand his knowledge base. At one point, he had seen a brochure of faux finish techniques that were very realistic and professional. It was an advertisement for classes with Mike MacNeil. He decided that was just what he needed and began studying with Mike in Chicago Illinois and then later in Akron, Ohio. Ed was one of the first to take a one on one Masters Class with Mike, and to this day he still has the samples from those classes, which are still popular with his clients. “At that time I had no idea of the rich history of faux painting. Mike was teaching me the technique of Thomas Kershaw, a famous marbler and grainer of the mid 1800’s. Looking back I was very fortunate and was able to keep those recipes; playing with them, tweaking them in every way an artist does until they become their own.  After hours of perfecting the recipes in my own way, I had something I was thrilled with and use successfully to this day.” Ed thrives on constantly learning and continually bringing new elements to his clients. “There is so much to learn, so much more I want to know. A good faux finisher is always looking for extraordinary techniques to offer their clients. My techniques are getting more refined. It’s really about the color, the tone, atmosphere and pleasure of the setting.” Ed has a unique, subtle and refined technique that he’s perfected over his years as a faux finisher. His style compliments his client’s furniture and artwork, making it a part of the background, lending beauty and texture, affecting the subconscious and blending rather than boldly shouting its presence on the walls. “I love texture, glazing and contrast. My techniques are a little subtler. You can see it across the room but it doesn’t hit you across the head. My talents lie in the colors and the hues, using color with contract to complement the soundings.”

Based out of Springfield, Illinois, Ed enjoys working in and around the surrounding suburbs but also travels just about anywhere. Ed has many jobs in Chicago, and loves the historic homes he works on. He has also done work in the Ozarks, a vacation area in Missouri. Currently working in Springfield, he is negotiating with a former client for work on their summer home in Florida. Working with a variety of commercial and residential jobs, Ed enjoys the diversity both have to offer and the unique opportunities and artistic challenges that lay ahead in the future. No job is too big or small; he looks forward to the uniqueness each project presents.

Ed Gonet Artisan of the month Faux by KathyLeaning towards eclectic and allowing for a full creative license is one of the reasons why Ed speaks so highly of his job with the J. Parsons retail store. “This was one of my favorites. I had full reign of creativity there. I think I like having the ability to have a creative license. For this store, I did all the wall finishes. There were all kinds of glazing techniques and metallics.” The beautiful, larger than life store went all out in the creative décor. “I marbleized the four columns in an antique sienna marble. There was also gold leaf that was incorporated on a 17-foot tall gazebo. All of the doors were wood grained to make it look like quarter sawn Brazilian rosewood. They also had a 12-foot tall by 16 feet wide French art nouveau door with beautiful hand carved filigree on the top. For the first step I used a wash of French blue and for the second step I used pearl and gold metallics.” This is a beautiful piece of history and it looked great!” There was even an element of fantasy to the children’s section. “In the kids section he had a castle framed in faux block that I painted in faux plaster.” Imagine the simplicity of getting your children to shop with the lure of the castle in the children’s section at a J. Parsons retail store!

When Ed was commissioned to do a mural of street façade in the lower level of his client’s home, he looked around and saw an existing possibility rather than a blank canvas. “They had exciting entrances to rooms that functioned as a theater, elevator and a working diner. I suggested that instead of painting a street mural, we could have it look like a street downtown! They followed my suggestions and we built a small Art Deco entrance with a marquis to the theater room. For the elevator we tore out the door and added a transit on the top to suggest an old hotel entrance. The 50’s working diner? Well, that was easy. With a brick façade and a hand painted sign over the top featuring the owner’s name, it was a nice touch! Connecting these entrances were 9” by 16” faux blocks walls that tied it all together. The contractors used exterior door molding and baseboard to complete the scale. The owners wanted something fun for their grandchildren to enjoy and they got it. I had a lot of opportunity to be creative for them. I worked hard and enjoyed it. But with these opportunities there are the pressures and responsibility to meet the homeowner’s expectations and your own! I needed to be able to foresee everything from the builder’s vision, and, when working with a decorator, their vision as well.“

Yet another favorite that comes to mind is a historic home in the New Salem, Illinois area. “It was a unique Italianate home from the Victorian era. I did a lot of restoration in that house. There were solid 9-foot doors in walnut and 15-foot ceilings. Many of the historic homes in the area typically have pine or popular woods that are inexpensive. In this home I was able to strip and refinish the original walnut doors and three floor walnut staircase as well as provide several rooms with faux finishes. My goal and the goal of the homeowner was to restore the home to its former glory.”

Ed has a passion for details involved in historic homes. “It’s an era that supported my trade as a faux painter. In addition to faux work, you see some of the original craftsman’s work sometimes when you pull wallpaper off, or you tear out old pocket doors and see what’s behind them.’’ Variety and mystery keep life interesting for Ed. He loves his work and finds pleasure in the details and beauty all around him. He continues to strive to bring the best to his clients’ day in and day out.

Ed Gonet artisan of the month faux by Kathy painted vaseLooking for supplies is something that is a must, and they aren’t particularly easy to locate in Springfield. Instead, Ed finds his products via Internet. Ed discovered Kathy Carroll online while looking for a wavy mottler brush. “I started looking at her website. She had a lot of the products that I was buying on different websites. I was able to eliminate all the others and just order through hers. I order so many products from her. Some of which are Golden Proceeds, Gold Leaf, and all my glazes. I even use her monthly Quick Inspiration sample boards for clients. Kathy is knowledgeable, hospitable and a great businesswoman. If you order something she gets it to you the next day. In Springfield access to quality art supplies is very limited. If you need something you have to order it online or go through a paint store. I had a situation with J. Parsons where I needed authentic gold leaf paint. I needed to find the best product available at a good price point. Kathy was able to locate the right product, and ship it out to me the next day. When you find someone who takes the time to get it right, it makes my job that much easier. Most paint storeowners aren’t painters themselves. But Kathy knows her products because she uses them, she knows what works and what doesn’t.”

Ed eventually plans to delve into trompe-l’oeil, vertical concrete, and sculpting. He looks forward to working on other large-scale commercial projects. “Commercial projects have a scale and energy which is an exciting environment to work.” He also plans on continuing to work with residential and historic homes, where his passion lies.
For more information about Ed Gonet or Gonet Design Corporation please call 217.741.9690 or visit: www.gonetdesigncorporation.com






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