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Sharon Taglienti

Sharon Taglienti is a delightful woman, enjoying a “second career” as a faux artisan. Carezza (Italian for light touch) is the company she founded after walking away from an 18-year career in project management.   

Her subsequent battle with breast cancer, which Sharon describes as a “blessing in disguise” , enabled Sharon to walk away from corporate life to do something she loves.

“I started out in Massachusetts 11 years ago painting furniture for local antique stores,” Sharon says, “then I met a girl doing walls and I took some classes.”  She laughs now, recalling an early job, “I think I did about 75 feet of vine motif, which took three days, and I was paid $175.”

When Sharon’s husband was transferred to Chicago about 5 years ago, she started working in the Chicagoland area.

“I took classes for the first year at NASODA,” Sharon recalls. “I learned mostly marbles, woodgraining, murals and European finishes.”  Then Sharon heard about Kathy Carroll and the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes.

“Kathy’s studio has become a second home for me, as I go there to work sample boards, take classes and I have actually pulled in people on larger jobs that I’ve met at the studio,” Sharon says.

At times, Sharon wonders, “How did I get here?” on a project, but notes “it’s a combination of reworking samples I’ve seen at the studio, and being able to talk to people who give me their ideas too.”

Sharon also noted, “Kathy is such an amazing resource, the best in the business in my opinion.”

But what finishes are her favorites?  “I'm in love with plasters...Kathy has introduced me to so many plasters.  Heavy Italian plasters are great, but I’m also starting to work with Bella waxes, which are wonderful,” Sharon says.

Sharon has noticed product improvement in the industry. “There are a lot of good products, getting better and better with more open time, flexibility and layering than 10 years ago.  I have also found the Proceed and Golden products are great.”

Change is inevitable, and Sharon is now planning to relocate back to the Boston area to be with her parents.  “I enjoy the control I have working for myself,” she says, “and now I have clients from coast to coast.”

Contact Sharon and Carezza at 312-315-8510 or at www.carezzacustomfinishes.com..




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