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Elegant Touch Decorative Painting - Beth Farnsworth

After a 10 year career in the Air Force, Beth Farnsworth was looking for a new challenge.  At a backyard barbecue in Atlanta, Beth was introduced to the art of professional faux finishing by Jeanine Lynch.  Beth was so excited that she drove from Florida back to Atlanta shortly after to learn more, and knew this was what she wanted to do with her next season of life.  Jeanine’s mentoring was instrumental in helping her start her business.

“I had painted my dresser as a kid, and also painted and textured my own walls in high school,” Beth says, “so I was interested right away.”   

faux finish

Beth started her business, Elegant Touch Decorative Painting in May of 2000.  Attending the 2000 Stencil Artisans’ League (SALI) Convention opened Beth’s eyes to what was possible and introduced her to new people, products and techniques.

At the outset, Beth found marketing herself to be a challenge.  “Telling people I was the best for a particular job was hard for me, and I wasn’t comfortable talking about myself.  It got me out of my comfort zone.”  One source of referrals for Beth was a business networking group she joined, and finishing the walls of a day spa and a chiropractic office put her talent on public display.  Client homeowners also referred her to friends.

The tragedy of 9/11 negatively affected Beth’s business, which was just over a year old.  Beth says “People weren’t willing to spend money on non-essentials.”  Because her business is based in Florida, the impact of Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis was also significant.  However, Beth stayed the course and kept on doing great work.

Some of that work includes a JaDecor powder room created for a builder’s wife.   The finished wall covering has a large amount of copper metallic threads and mica chips, giving a glittery, metallic effect.

A three-room master bath was completed in a Distressed Stria, producing an incredible layering of colors.  Yet another project for a day spa in Destin, Florida was a Pompeii Crackle finish with a metallic gold paint shining through.

Beth’s commitment to education led her to work within SALI as a member, and she is now serving as the SALI President.  “SALI was the number one help to my business,” Beth says, “the exposure to artists who were willing to share knowledge and ‘war’ stories was amazing.”

Additionally, Beth credits Kathy Carroll with having excellent product knowledge and customer service.   Beth notes that whether you are in a class Kathy is teaching, or shopping for products “Kathy knows all the product lines – she can tell you what works or goes with what product.”

Beth’s next “project” is her wedding on January 6.   The future Mrs. Haynes can be reached at 850-581-0664 and the website for Elegant Touch Decorative Painting is www.eleganttouchpainting.com.





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