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Extraordinary Wall Designs - Cassy Weddel

Cassy Weddel began her career in the decorative arts with just a bit of uncertainty.

"When I started out, I wasn't sure if this would become a career for me, or if I would be able to help support my family on my income as a faux finisher," Cassy explains. She was dissatisfied with her job as a dental hygenist -- "I really hated it, but I love my job now," she says.

Fortunately, in the Naperville, Illinois area there is a considerable demand for faux finishing.

After Cassy started her faux finishing business, her husband was injured on the job. Cassy was able to support her family for over 8 months as he recovered.

"I was a little scared on my first actual job, but once I got past that, it was much easier," Cassy notes.

Some of her more interesting clients include the the owner of a popular lighting store in the area who was referred to Cassy. She spent several months onsite completing a variety of finishes in the owner's home.

Recently she had an unusual request from a doctor: He wanted his used toilet and paper towel holder painted to exactly match the walls. "I just declined the job," Cassy said.


Some of the more popular finishes Cassy enjoys creating are wax and suede finishes. "Because they are my favorite, I tend to sell more of those finishes," she notes. Metallics and also a variety of kitchen cabinet finishes have been very popular in her area.

Cassy credits Kathy Carroll for being there when she has had questions. "Its nice to know that I can call Kathy if things go wrong," she says, noting that Kathy always seems to have the answer.

What's next for Cassy? She is enrolled in Colormaker's Wild Workshop at the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes, and has a friend taking the class with her. Cassy plans to continue to build on her skills.

To learn more about Extraordinary Wall Designs, contact Cassy Weddel at 815-603-4132.



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