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Beaux-Artes - Melanie & Stuart Kershner

Visiting the Beaux-Artes website (www.beaux-artes.com) is like discovering an amazing stash of antique architectural details which transform a home from classic to fantastic. Beaux-Artes specializes in ornamentation for Tuscan, Neo-Classic and Georgian homes.

french bedroom

Melanie and Stuart Kershners' background in interior design, fine art, sculpting, faux finishing, carpentry and ornamentation design and installation have all come together to create a line of unique products which provide solutions for everyday eyesores such as recessed lights and HVAC grilles. 

They also offer re-engineered boissorie panels that use historic ornamentation to frame art and complex decorative finishes. Stuart and their son, Hudson, create the masters for their products using historical ornamentation and in the case of their Arts and Crafts grille, actual historic grilles. The products are cast in resin and offered in 33 faux finishes.

"It works out well, as there are so many hats to wear," Melanie explains. Talking with Melanie, you get the impression that she has found a definite calling with the combination of talents she has acquired over a lifetime of working toward beautifying the homes of so many.

Melanie went into fine arts immediately -- enjoying everything from painting to sculpture. Soon, Melanie's painting services were in demand, and her husband Stuart would help make molds of sculptural embellishments for fireplaces, walls, claw foot tubs and other details.

After 9/11, Stuart left his job as a stockbroker and transitioned full time to creating molds and works on the more technical specifications of the design business. Most recently, their son Hudson has joined the family business to work in the client services and marketing areas.

Beaux-Artes is focused on products, Melanie also has created a division of Beaux-Artes -- Heavenly Home Designs (www.heavenlyhomedesigns.com),which is focused on design and painting service. Melanie, Stuart and Hudson perform Design and Build services, fine art, ornamentation design, decorative painting, murals,and trompe l'oeil.

Beaux-Artes was a sponsor for The House That Faux Built and Heavenly Home Designs created the Nursery which introduced their Glow pigment with glowing fairies.

fairy day mural

You can reach Beaux-Artes by calling (410) 867-0790 or through eMail at info@beaux-artes.com.

fine art sunset

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