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Mindy Everaert Decorative Finisher Mindy Everaert
Mark Tillman Decorative Finisher Mark Tillman
Donna Mock Decorative Finisher Donna Mock
Carmen Vergara Decorative Finisher Carmen Vergara
Lessandra Martins Melo Decorative Finisher Lessandra Martins Melo
Anita Yeh Decorative Finisher Anita Yeh
Sarah Hines and Mets Schilstra Decorative Finishers Sarah Hines and Mets Schilstra
Eulojio Ortega Decorative Finisher Eulojio Ortega
Alison Ubert Decorative Finisher Alison Ubert
Diane Kessler Decorative Finisher Diane Kessler
Donna Flecchia Finisher Donna Flecchia
Decorative Painting Finishing School Joanne Ledbetter
Decorative Painting Finishing School Rachel Sejas
Decorative Painting Finishing School Cheryl Phan
Decorative Painting Finishing School Carrie Chimenti
Decorative Painting Finishing School Ann Simpson
Decorative Painting Finishing School Natalie Gorden
Decorative Painting Finishing School Marlene Mancilla
Decorative Painting Finishing School Diane LaLonde Hasso
Decorative Painting Finishing School Kim Bouy
Decorative Painting Finishing School Kathy Anders
Decorative Painting Finishing School Alyse and Amy Leventhal
Decorative Painting Finishing School Laurie Schrader
Decorative Painting Finishing School Carey Seven
Decorative Painting Finishing School Bryan King
Decorative Painting Finishing School Patricia Presto
Decorative Painting Finishing School Kass Wilson
Decorative Painting Finishing School Heidi Cinker
Decorative Painting Finishing School Shari Fry
Decorative Painting Finishing School Leigh Jones
Decorative Painting Finishing School Diane Beard
Decorative Painting Finishing School Ruth Giovannetti
Decorative Painting Finishing School Collen Drew
Melissa Loutos Melissa Loutos
Nathalie Nielsen Nathalie Nielsen
Susan Giugliano Susan Giugliano
Sarah Beth Cohen Sarah Beth Cohen
Decorative Painting Finishing School Tracy Taylor
Decorative Painting Finishing School Janelle Tague
Decorative Painting Finishing School Kari Campbell
Decorative Painting Finishing School Ed Gonet
Decorative Painting Finishing School Bonnie Norling Wakeman
Decorative Painting Finishing School Kelly Weik
Decorative Painting Finishing School Janelle Tague
Decorative Painting Finishing School Gracie Reed
Decorative Painting Finishing School Allyce Lees
Decorative Painting Finishing School Terry Gavigan
Decorative Painting Finishing School Kate Perret
Decorative Painting Finishing School Jo-Marie Frigo
Decorative Painting Finishing School Deb Spertus
Decorative Painting Finishing School David Ryan
Decorative Painting Finishing School Clint Dunning
Decorative Painting Finishing School Roseann Bode
Decorative Painting Finishing School Wendy Digel
Decorative Painting Finishing School Lisa Butts
Decorative Painting Finishing School Catherine Coy
Decorative Painting Finishing School Pamela Coslet
Decorative Painting Finishing School Emily Quinn
Decorative Painting Finishing School Gary Riley
Decorative Painting Finishing School Bill Fisher
Decorative Painting Finishing School John Micheals
Decorative Painting Finishing School Faux Maison
Decorative Painting Finishing School Herb Shropshire
Decorative Painting Finishing School Gus Kyriakopoulos
Decorative Painting Finishing School Paul Minnihan
Decorative Painting Finishing School Jenna DeFalco
Decorative Painting Finishing School Sherri Grupe
Decorative Painting Finishing School Debbie Brown
Decorative Painting Finishing School Cynthia Davis
Decorative Artisan Dawn Bray
Decorative Faux Finisher Christine McIntyre-Hannon
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Anna and Scott Sadler
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Darryl Grant
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School B. Juliana Leo
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Leslie Nesbitt
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Signature Mural & Finish, Inc.
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Joanne Voll
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Barb Runyard
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Nathan Giffin
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Patty Henning
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Emma Wright
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Joseph Freer
Faux Finisher Faux Finishing School Dawn Rundle
August 2006 Simona Clinge
August 2006 Ron Bledsoe
August 2006 Sharon Taglienti
August 2006 Martin Riding
August 2006 Tomas Kyrgiakos /
Iowanna Azar
August 2006 Jenna DeFalco
August 2006 Alissa Murnane
August 2006 Rhonda Barber
August 2006 Laura Ross
August 2006 Nancy Schnell
August 2006 John Michaels
August 2006 Debi Vaninger
August 2006 Marsh Danner
August 2006 Beth Haynes
August 2006 Cassy Weddel
August 2006 Bruce Thalman
August 2006 Melanie & Stuart Kershner
August 2006 Lorie Wolff
Doug Diekman
Lori Tselikis
Joanne Voll
Linda Wetsch
Jennifer Rongaus
Natalie White
Dan Gangler
Sharon Damisch
Kay Reyes
Mary Johnson
Ed Hartfiel
Estelle Leptich
Laurie Ebert


Artisan of the Month
Gracie Reed

Gracie Reed Creative to the core and with a degree in Ornamental Horticulture, Gracie Reed almost became a gourmet chief.  Fate had a different plan in mind and soon set her on her path to become a decorative finisher after she purchased her home.  It was built in the 1940s and was an open pallet that teased her creative senses.  Looking around at the walls and realizing that flat paint and glazes were no longer satisfying her, she set out to her local paint store where a friend worked.  There, she had the good fortune to hear about an upcoming decorative class that piqued her interest.  This was unheard of as there were virtually no decorative finishing classes in Dallas.  After that, there was no stopping Gracie.  Safra opened up in McKinney and she enrolled in classes there.  Continuing to feed her need for knowledge she took a cabinetry class in Missouri as well as many other classes.  Having this new avenue open up for Gracie fed her insatiable need to create.  It was the perfect time for her to begin a new career in decorative finishing and she launched her company Grace Designs Dallas in 2001.

Gracie Reed Artist of the month metallic paintTaking classes was important to Gracie; however, she takes the products a step further.  Not one to sit still Gracie works with the products, observing the technicality of the drying time, playing with the textures, tweaking them as well as how it can develop on its own.   She will order new samples, experiment and test them until she learns everything about them.  Searching for new products Gracie found Kathy Carroll.  Gracie comments on how she and Kathy Carroll talk on the phone as if they have known each other for 30 years.  “I love talking to her as a person.  I looked at her website the very first time we talked and she became a dear friend.  That just does not really happen in business.  She is there if I need something.  I am happy she is here for us in this business.”  Gracie orders many products from Kathy.  A few of her favorites are Golden Proceeds, Metallic Paint Line, Blue Pearl Products and all her foils.  Gracie orders so many products from Kathy she had to buy a floor to ceiling shelving unit for her studio to hold the rotating stock of products she orders.  “I have ordered from people all over the US and I will tell you she goes beyond what she needs to do to help you out.  The whole time she is talking to you she is so energetic.  I have never dealt with someone who is so Johnny on the spot and able to tell you what you need.  I have never met with any one single person in this business who knows what you need with the large quantity and knowledge of all the products as well as all the characteristics of every single product.  She is owner and workaholic.  The beauty of Kathy is that she has such a large product line and is able to tell you what you need to know and ship it to you immediately no matter what she has going on.   I have never received anything from her that has spilled or been damaged.  You just don’t see that!”

Utilizing all these wonderful products Gracie enjoys working on any surface.  She will work her way through the whole house and change once Band-Aid fixes transcending them into works of beauty resonating with the personality of her clients themselves.   This is why she is called back again to work on more rooms and referred to friends.  Gracie loves to work with furniture, reverse mirrors, incorporate design work and do art pieces with a special twist.  Gracie emphasizes the importance of a gorgeous background.  “The surrounding walls can enhance the furniture, creating a beautiful background.  A room wrapped in a beautiful finish speaks for itself.  Ceilings are important as well.  There is nothing prettier than a gorgeous ceiling.”  As Gracie transforms her clients homes she strives to give them something uniquely theirs.  “Who wants something somebody else has?  Everything I do for my clients is custom.”

Gracie Reed Artist of the month Baby's roomGracie’s clients love that she is so focused on them and gives her all.  A client Gracie fondly talks about was expecting a baby and the job had to be done quickly.  The clients stayed in a hotel so that Gracie could work straight through and get the job done for them before the baby arrived.  Luxuriate in richness comes to mind for the entry into the master bathroom.  The earthiness of the chocolate brown finish extending all the way up to the ceiling over Venetian Plaster wraps anyone who enters in warmth and beauty.  A soft pinkish crème was gently waxed throughout the master bathroom establishing a sensual tranquility.  The baby’s room was done in a two toned blue plaster with Blue Mica Wax creating a calming haven.   An old world glaze was applied in the master bedroom that quickly became a favorite of Gracie’s client where she would go and spend as much time as possible.  As friends viewed the rooms that Gracie did they could not help but comment on how those rooms were the only rooms that showed the clients true personality.  Now that these clients are building a much larger home, Gracie has been called back and is doing the new home room by room.

Gracie Reed aritsit of the month Kitchen DesignAnother favorite client of Gracie’s is a man whose home had “Band-Aid fixes” from top to bottom.  He called Gracie to estimate a job for his countertops in his kitchen.  “When I walked into his home his kitchen had white and black throughout including the backsplash, it was a disaster.   There was also a horrible leak.  I brought in the overlays for the countertops and he was amazed by the change and wanted to see more.  When he saw the wall finish samples together with the countertop overlays they blew his mind.  I did the kitchen from top to bottom.”  Gracie worked through his house on many rooms fixing problems that previously were not done with longevity in mind.  She did Venetian Plaster in the dining room, a Pumpkin Marmorino Venetian Plaster on the walls as well as purchasing the table, chairs and the rug on the floor so that it would all come together perfectly.  Everything was ripped out of the hallway, den and the master bath which had to be completely gutted.  For the porch, Gracie called Kathy Carroll and talked to her about the problems there.  “Kathy suggested Granicrete over the front porch and it turned out beautifully.  The top coat sealer was awesome and it gave it a perfect semi-gloss.  It had such richness and it dried in the perfect amount of time.”  As each new room is completed the flow is more and more dynamic and fitting to Gracie’s client’s personality.  He loves the new look and feel of his home and is having her finish the remaining rooms.

Many of Gracie’s clients end up falling in love with the changes that occur once she finishes a room and want her back for more!   “When I did the whole main entry it made my client come alive.  Now we are doing a beautiful mirror and she wants the dining room as well.  When clients see how the sun rises and sets on the plasters, they want more.”   Most of her work is through referrals and her clients ultimately end up being close friends as she is invited to barbeques, family function and parties.  Her work is so custom, uniquely individual to each and every client that her clients find more rooms for her to transform. 

Gracie thoroughly enjoys everything she does with her business as it is and plans to continue to grow and flourish.  As she goes forward into the future she will be expanding more with her reverse mirrors and her furniture pieces.  She is working on purchasing a piece of property to use as a studio to showcase her mirrors, artwork and furniture as well as to see her clients.

To learn more about Gracie Reed and Grace Designs Dallas call 214.597.1112 or visit www.gracedesignsdallas.com

Gracie Reed artist of the month garden

Gracie Reed Artist of the month

Artist of the month Gracie Reed




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