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Euro Dream Works -- Lori Tselikis

Lori Tselikis likes to go “a little bit beyond” in pleasing her clients, trying new techniques, media and art forms.  “I enjoy trying everything – and I don’t really hold myself back,” Lori explains.

Her first canvas – like other decorative painters – was her own home.  Lori was working as a cake decorator, but she knew what she wanted to do.  She explains, “My husband still laughs about the day he came home and found me decorating the mirror – with pigments in plaster, being applied through a cake decorating bag.”

Lori painted her first mural of a Mediterranean scene, which amazed family and friends and still inspires referrals.   Little did Lori know that years later, that one mural would be a big selling point for the mural work she does today.

In starting out, Lori credits Melanie Royals as being an inspiration, as her video was the first one she bought more than 10 years ago.  “I started being asked to do more intricate work, and I was also able to extend what I knew by also getting Gary Lord’s video,” Lori says. 

When Lori was a little girl, she wanted to paint the murals at church.  Oddly enough, she was contacted by The Willows Academy to renovate the interior of the Chapel.  “The tiled archway behind the altar was a very difficult project,” Lori recalls.   The statuary walls were done in Shimmered Suede and the columns in the chapel are definitely a work of art.

Photos of those columns and the rest of Lori’s work impressed Kathy Carroll.  She contacted Lori to teach the techniques she uses in a special class on columns (see class schedule for September) using the new eco-friendly Oikos products.  

Lori recently accepted a position as a studio assistant at the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes, and is showcasing her work on the studio’s walls.

One of Lori’s most beautiful and meaningful murals is at the Glenview Metra Station, in a coffee shop.  “The owner was suffering from the loss of her mother, and I felt so much for her…” Lori says, “I really put my heart into that mural, which she wanted to honor her mother.”   The Coffee Shop’s Owner is Columbian,  and the coffee plants in the mural honor her Mother’s spirit and culture.

Textured finishes, particularly the depth and volume of brick, stone and marble are among Lori’s favorites.  She also loves using trompe l’oil techniques.

What’s next for Lori?  “I’d like to try stained glass,” she says. 

For more information on Euro Dream Works, call 847-293-9576 or e-mail Lori at info@eurodreamworks.com.

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