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Creative Finishes -- Joanne Voll

“I don’t need to see what you’re planning. I’ve seen Joanne’s work and I know I’ll like whatever she comes up with.” After hearing that comment, Joanne knew that she had earned the trust of another valued repeat client.

“Meeting with clients and coming up with the perfect finishes for their homes is one of the best parts of my job” she said. She worked with the wife of the man quoted above to create a kitchen that they both loved using Oikos Marmorino and a custom embedded Modello stencil above their cooktop.

Joanne’s company, Creative Finishes, was founded in 1999. Her first job was a custom color glazing project for a grade school girl. “I was nervous about mixing custom colors. Kathy helped me and I was able to match the bedding perfectly. Now, color mixing is easy. I can tint glazes and plasters to match anything!”

Joanne enjoys meeting with a prospective client, particularly when color is the topic.

 “I talk with each client about their color preferences, but also the level of intensity they can handle, and finding out more about the client’s personality helps determine the type of sample to produce.”

Joanne’s sense of color and style was always important in her career as a buyer for the Junior department at Marshall Fields.  “It taught me that you should never stop looking for what’s new,” Joanne says.

Her ambition to find something new is key to Joanne’s success.

Right now, Joanne’s portfolio continues to grow with the addition of foils, gold leaf, Modellos and the Oikos products including Ottocento. 

“The Modello stencils have created limitless design possibilities for my clients. They are new to the decorative painting industry and I’m one of the first in the area to be trained in their use. I traveled to San Diego to take a class, Modello Master Workshop, with Melanie Royals of Royal Design Studio.” “Taking classes and getting proper training is important. I have taken many classes from The Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes since I began my business and I always leave class with new finishes that I can’t wait to show my clients!”

One of the newest finishes in Joanne’s portfolio is Oikos Marmorino.  Not only is the finish new, but Joanne was among the first to have the Marmorino custom tinted by Faux by Kathy. 

“We tinted a small amount – just enough to complete a sample board. The client loved the finish and the color.” Photos from Joanne’s experience with the Faux by Kathy tinting process are on the home page this month.

Like many faux artisans, Joanne loves the last day – “when clients are excited about their new finish.”  She enjoys pleasing her clients, and the word of mouth keeps Joanne in business. “I look forward to learning new products and finishes. My goal is to bring my clients the newest, most updated decorative finishes possible!”

Joanne can be reached at 630-334-8857 or 630-668-8857 or at creative.finishes@comcast.net.



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