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Fauxlosophy - Debi Vaninger

faux finish courtyard

At 10, winning the Mister Softee city wide coloring contest was a turning point for Debi Vaninger.  “It was a defining moment for me.  I knew that I wanted to be an artist.”

From her childhood dream, Debi earned a B.A. in Graphic Design, toured internationally for two years with the Hanna-Barbara production of "Flintstones on Parade" as a scenic artist and airbrushed t-shirts in Las Vegas.  She moved on and worked in the graphic design profession for 10 years.

Marriage and swapping career for kids caused Debi to become overwhelmed with ideas. She needed an outlet, and that's when she found faux finishing.  “I took my first class in 1991 and have been immersed ever since,” Debi says.

faux finish blue

Debi’s undeniable talent speaks volumes through the photos of her work.  The combination of finishes and the way Debi’s decorative painting techniques can pull the room together makes her an artisan in demand.

Not everyone has the benefit of washing tools and stencils in a big Jacuzzi.  But at Debi’s Fauxlosophy Studio in Springfield, Illinois, it’s a unique feature.

“My studio was the longtime art studio/home of a well-known Springfield artist before I bought it,” Debi says, “It's 1,200 square feet of pure inspiration with it's raised tin ceilings, exposed brick and plaster walls and architectural details.”

Her work combines creative initiatives, education, and Debi’s unique experience.  Fauxlosophy offers over 300 samples boards arranged as old world, traditional and contemporary design choices in the studio. “I spend the majority of my time in the relentless pursuit of a happy customer,” Debi notes.

lamp contemporary columns

Debi found Kathy Carroll at Kathy’s first Designer 1 class. “I appreciated her teaching style,” Debi notes. “Kathy’s demonstration techniques were clear and her range of products and design of sample boards was impressive.  And her support is second to none.  That's what keeps me coming back. Plus, she's got a great sense of humor and provides snacks and lunches to die for.”

As a attribute to her success, Debi counts five awards from Fauxcademy in Las Vegas.  She is most proud of the First Place in "Most Creative Project" in 2004 and First Place in "Best Contemporary Project" in 2006.

Along with her successful career the heart of Debi’s home is her husband Rich and her 4 boys. Rick is 20, Sam is 17, Jace is 14 and Mitch is 12.  After having all those boys, Debi finally got a girl for Christmas this year – Flaminia, a 17 year old Italian foreign exchange student who will live with the Vaningers for 6 months.

beautiful faux bedroom

Debi has also opened www.fauxwebsites.com to assist other faux finishers in advancing their careers on the web.

“Continuing education, awareness in the industry and networking is crucial,” Debi notes.  She also sees the industry as a whole as becoming more specialized. 

“Clients are more educated now – they know what they are looking at, and just an average job won’t do,” Debi explains.  With Debi – there is no average, only extraordinary!

For more information on Debi Vaninger and Fauxlosophy Studio, contact her at dvfaux@hotmail.com or at 217-416-3399.

Faux by Kathy ©2003-2007
All Rights Reserved.