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Liquid Art Design

Dan Gangler could say that being an artisan runs in the family.

"My grandfather finished furniture and used marbleizing techniques many years ago," Dan says, "I grew up around the trade, apprenticing and then finally incorporating some of my grandfather's finishes in modern work."

As one might imagine, Dan learned quite a bit watching his grandfather. "Do a quality job, make sure its just right and stick to the details, " was the rule, Dan says. "Especially with furniture work -- detail counts."

While Dan has been in the paint and decorating business for over 18 years, its only been the last 10 that he has focused specifically on decorative finishes.

Meeting Kathy Carroll and finding the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes was a boost to Dan's career. "Kathy's studio and her teaching techniques and ability helped me jump far ahead when developing new finishes," he explains.

One of the significant improvements Dan has seen over the years is a greater use of water based products. "I can create the same marble finishes with a much healthier product than when I started, and much better than in my grandfather's day," Dan explains.

When he creates a marble finish, Dan's favorite product is Bella Fresco®. "I only marble now with Bella, because its the best product" he says, "Marble finishes are my favorite, because I revel in the details. I really love recreating a finish that nature has made."

Creating what the customer wants is key for Dan's success over the years. One of the trends he's seen are customers who are far more sophisticated, and want a very sleek look, combined with specific hues -- "a very honed finish," is how Dan describes it.

From a business perspective, one of the most unique things about Liquid Art Design is that the finishes are actually insured, underwritten for quality by an insurance company. Dan notes "Its an extra level of service -- I warranty my finishes, and it demonstrates that I stand behind my work, not just now -- but in the future."

Dan is also pleased to be a Certified Applicator for Parvati -- a German product which is used in home theatre environments and is repairable. The product is made with natural cotton and -- along with its sound absorption properties -- its also ecofriendly.

One of the most difficult choices Dan has had to make is to keep his company small. "Its difficult to maintain the personalization throughout the process with a larger company," he explains, "and that seems to be what my customers value, as much as the detail in my finishes."

Dan sees some interesting trends in the finish industry as a whole. "Faux finishes won't be tossed aside, I think they will be in more demand as customers become more particular," he says. "What I believe we will see is more refined and distinctive finishes, and better replication of natural finishes." Two of the more interesting products Dan has seen are hand painted papers and finish products designed to make repairs easy.

Dan may be contacted through his website at www.liquidartdesign.com


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