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Decorative & Faux Painting Definitions

Water-reducible Latex*

A vinyl acrylic co-polymer water based decorative coating, which can be applied to almost any properly primed or previously painted interior surface. Substrates include wood, primed drywall, plaster, concrete and some plastics. Not recommended for direct to metal without a proper primer. Application: brush, roll, rag, or spray.

* PRECAUTION: Due to the problem with "gassing" that occurs when aluminum and water are mixed, many of our metallic colors are NOT available in a ready -to-use latex system. These products are shipped as a two-part package consisting of pigment and latex base. User will be required to properly mix the two components for immediate use. DO NOT attempt to store any paint containing aluminum pigment. Gassing could cause sealed containers to explode possibly resulting in injury!

Acrylic Lacquer

A durable, fast drying lacquer formulated to achieve high adhesion to a variety of substrates including properly primed metal, wood, plaster and certain plastic surfaces. 

Application:  spray, dip.

VOC Exempt Acrylic Lacquer

This product is designed for use in states with strict laws governing VOC content in coatings.  Offers the same uses as our regular acrylic lacquer paint.  Dries to a slightly glossy finish. 

Application: spray, dip

Long Oil Alkyd Enamel

A durable, alkyd enamel suitable for use on almost any exterior properly primed surface including metal, wood, concrete, drywall and plaster. Application: spray is recommended brush or roll are possible.

Medium Oil Alkyd Enamel

A durable alkyd enamel suitable for use on almost any interior or exterior properly primed surface including metal, wood, plaster and certain plastic surfaces.  This product exhibits faster dry than our long oil with slightly reduced exterior durability.  Application: brush, roll, rag or spray.

Modified Oil Alkyd Enamel

A durable, fast drying modified alkyd enamel formulated to achieve excellent adhesion and flexibility.  Recommended for a variety of substrates, including any properly primed metal, steel, Plexiglas, wood, plaster and certain plastic surfaces.  Application: brush, roll, rag or spray.

Two-Part Epoxy

A two-part system that forms a super tough, scratch and chip resistant finish. This product has excellent adhesion to glass, ceramics, raw metal and powder coated material.  Recommended for painting elevator doors, stairwells and hollow metal doors.  Not for exterior applications.  Application: spray, dip.

Exterior Ready-Mixed Resisto Paint

Our Resisto Pale, Rich, Rich Pale, and Cooper are the best metallic pigments that can be used in an exterior application.  Available in either an Acrylic lacquer, VOC Exempt Lacquer, Latex or one of our three Alkyd Enamels.  These products can be used for exterior exposure with the use of one of our UV clearcoats.

Fluorescent Paint

Select any one of our fluorescent pigments, available in an Acrylic Lacquer, VOC Exempt Lacquer or one of our three Alkyd Enamel bases.  For maximum fluorescent effect, apply over white background.  These products are recommended for use on metal, wood and some plastic surfaces.

Pearlescent Paint

Select any one of our pearlescent pigment colors and have us mix it into any of our seven different clear bases to create your own interesting effect.  Follow background color recommendations to achieve optimal effect.  Please note that our white pearlescent pigments are not available in our alkyd enamels.

Phosphorescent (Glow-in-the-Dark) Paint

This coating, available in Acrylic Lacquer, VOC Exempt Lacquer, Latex, or any of our Alkyd Enamels, illuminates a greenish/yellow glow when exposed to total darkness.  The light emitted is most perceptible within the first 20-30 minutes, and then diminishes rapidly.  Recharging of the pigment, upon absorption of U.V., fluorescent and incandescent light sources, usually takes about two hours.


A vinyl acrylic water based decorative coating formulated for all types of applications on a variety of properly primed or previously painted surfaces.  This product may be used or specified for an exterior application, and should be utilized where a beautiful metallic finish is desired on any interior surface.  For all exterior applications, these products must be clear coated.  Application: brush, roll, rag, or spray.

Industrial Grade Aluminum Paints

Covers a wide range of interior/exterior uses, including corrosion and weather resistance, as well as heat resistant.


Our enamel primer is ideal for use on porous and non-porous surfaces, dries quickly, bonds well on even the most difficult surfaces, and is recommended for use with our enamel and/or latex products.  Our lacquer primer is ideally suited for non-porous surfaces and is recommended for use with our lacquer-based products.

Interior Clear Coats

Always choose a clear coat that matches the base system of the coating being applied.  Our clear finishes are designed to maintain color integrity; however, application of a clear coat will reduce the metallic luster and add a glossy finish to the substrate painted.

Exterior Clear Coats

Any metallic containing basecoat that is being exposed to exterior conditions should be clear coated.  Our Resisto grades and Pearlescents are the only colors that do not demand a clear coat, although one is still highly recommended.  Select the appropriate product from the six choices (Acrylic Lacquer, VOC Exempt Acrylic Lacquer or any one of our Alkyd Enamels) available for exterior use.

It is incumbent upon user to make careful tests to determine the suitability of any Cres-Lite® or Chromatone® product for their use and particular production requirement.  Because the end use of our product is beyond our control, we are not responsible for the results obtained, and no warranty or guarantee expresses or implied is made with respect thereto.